Mr. Toshimasa Takahashi (D3) won the Research Encouragement Award at the 12th Integrated MEMS Symposium.

This award is given to an outstanding young member who is expected to contribute to the advancement and improvement of integrated MEMS technology among the papers presented by the presenters of the general application talks.
Organizer: The Japan Society of Applied Physics, Research Group on Integrated MEMS Technology
Name of Award:Research Encouragement Award
Date of Award: March 11, 2021
Title of paper: Fabrication and Evaluation of MEMS Optical Interference Surface Stress Sensor by Molecular Imprinting Method for Unlabeled Detection of Neurotransmitters
Recipient of the prize: Toshimasa Takahashi (Asahikawa National College of Technology), 3rd year of doctoral course in Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
Joint researcher: Kazuaki Sawada, Kazuhiro Takahashi (Toyohashi University of Technology), Hiroyuki Ohta (National Defense Medical College), Toshinobu Fujieda (Tokyo Institute of Technology)