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月別アーカイブ: 2019年2月

Academic paper written by Prof. Dr. Takahashi is released online

2019/2/28 Academic paper written by Prof. Dr. Takahashi is released online.

Title:Elastomer-based MEMS optical interferometric transducers for highly sensitive surface stress sensing for biomolecular detection

Author:Kazuhiro Takahashi, Toshinori Fujie, Reina Teramoto, Isao Takahashi, Nobutaka Sato, Shinji Takeoka, Kazuaki Sawada

2018 Farewell party for M2 and Prof. Dr. Iwata

2019/2/28 We had 2018 farewell party for M2 and Prof. Dr. Iwata.
Prof. Dr. Iwata will become a lecturer at Toyama Prefectural University from April, 2019.

The14th Ski trip (Hakuba valley)

2019/2/2-3 We had been to Hakuba valley for skiing.
Our group have been going to the ski trip every year, this year it is the 14th.

We were not only enjoying the skiing and snowboard, but also meeting with students, alumni and professors.

2019 CREST conference in Nakaizu, Shizuoka


2019 CREST conference in Nakaizu was held.

We are carrying out the national research project “Label-free Neurotransmitter Image Sensor System for Spatio-temporal Analysis of Cerebral Functions” that is a part of JST CREST Innovation Technology Platforms for a Single Cell Analysis.

For this project, Yamanashi University, National Institute for Physiological Science, and Toyohashi University had been collaborating.

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