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月別アーカイブ: 2021年10月

the 34th International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference (MNC2021)

Research results were presented at the 34th International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference (MNC2021).
Sponsored by The Japan Society of Applied Physics
Date: October 26-29, 2021
Method of presentation: Online

  1. ○Nobuhiro Watanabe, Yong-Joon Choi, Kazuhiro Takahashi, Seitaro Toda, Kotaro Takayama, Toshihiko Noda, and Kazuaki Sawada
    Proposal of chlorophyll concentration and a/b ratio measurement method using a filter-free multiplewavelength detection sensor
    P4-1(4: BioMEMS, Lab on a Chip, and Nanobiotechnology),poster
  2. ○Tay Shan Wei , Toshinori Fujie , Kazuaki Sawada and Kazuhiro Takahashi
    Transmission color sheet using 2D plasmonic metasurface embedded in elastomer nanosheet
  3. ○Yuto Honda, Yong-Joon Choi, Kensuke Murakami ,Kazuhiro Takahashi , Toshihiko Noda, Kazuaki Sawada, Hiromu Ishii, Katsuyuki Machida, Hiroyuki Ito, Satoshi Miyahara, Yasuhiko Nikaido and Mitsumasa Saito
    Detection system of bacteria, Legionella by photogate type optical sensor


Mr. Tomoya Ide’s paper has been published online.

Paper Title: Development of an on-chip microfluidic system with filter-free multiple-wavelength sensor for microflow cytometry
Author: Tomoya Ide , Yong-Joon Choi , Yasuyuki Kimura , Takeshi Hizawa , Kazuhiro Takahashi ,Hiromu Ishii , Toshihiko Noda , Kazuaki Sawada
Journal:Sensors and Actuators: B. Chemical,Vol.350, 130896, 7pages
Publication date:January 1, 2022


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