Mr. Kenta Sembo won the PLANT DATA Award (Presentation Award of the Executive Committee of the Japan Society for Biological and Environmental Engineering Joint Branch Conference).
The purpose of this award is to promote the science and technology of plant biomonitoring, biorobotics, and other related fields, and to contribute to society, with an emphasis on environmental regulation as the foundation and plant factories as advanced applications. The award is presented by industry-university collaborating companies.
Organizers: Executive Committee of the Joint Branch Meeting of the Japanese Society for Biological and Environmental Engineering
Title of Award: Presentation Award (PLANT DATA Award)
Title of paper: Proposal and Demonstration of a Plant-Integrated Ion Image Sensor for Measuring Ions in Plants
Joint researcher: Taichi Yoshida, Tomoko Horio, Kazuhiro Takahashi, Kotaro Takayama, Kazuaki Sawada, Toshihiko Noda (Toyohashi University of Technology)