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A welcoming party and a pep rally

2018/10/3 There was a party for welcoming new member Prof. Noda and for congratulating Prof. Takahashi. Additionally, we encouraged 2nd year master and 4th year bachelor students in studying for their graduation.

Updating group member status

2018/10/1 There were some changes of our member status.

・Lecturer Kazuhiro Takahashi was promoted to associate professor.

・Prof. Toshihiko NODA started for his new post as an associate professor in EIIRIS.

Prof. Toshihiko Noda

Mr. Doi received “BEST SPEAKER AWARD”!!

2018/9/1 Mr. Hiroshi Doi received “Best speaker award” established by Sensor and Micro-machine section of General Research Meeting. He is our 2nd year PhD student!

Title:  電位検出型H2O2イメージセンサを用いた海馬の細胞外イメージング

Authors: 豊橋技術科学大学 土井英生、奥村悠基、堀尾智子、岩田達哉
山梨大学・愛知医科大学 Bijay Palajuli
山梨大学 小泉修一
豊橋技術科学大学 奥村弘一、高橋一浩、服部敏明、澤田和明




Sensors with scientific eyes to see invisible things


Ion Image Sensor Movie

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